Coming up: 6th Iteration
User Experience Barcamp


The sixth iteration of the Hamburg barcamp for user experience will be back on 29th of July 2017. It is a yearly event, where people interested in the broad topic User Experience are gathering – designers, strategists, product people, project managers, developers, tinkerers and everyone else. 

So what is a Barcamp, I hear you ask. Well: „Barcamp is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.“ – Wikipedia 

And the best about it: It’s a free event thanks to our fabulous sponsors.

2016 was a blast – check out coverage on Twitter 

How to get tickets?

Tickets are free and will be available a couple of weeks before the camp online on two separate dates (one on a weekday, one on the weekend). We’ll announce the dates and link in our newsletter and on the website.


Since this is a bar camp, you can also get a ticket for sure, if you decide to hold a session at our camp. – Just send us your session-idea via mail (orga/at/ or Twitter!

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You already have an idea for a session? – Great!!!

Send us a message via mail (orga/at/ or twitter and you will get one of the highly coveted tickets for sure.

... for inspiration, have a look at some of the last year's sessions:

If you are not allowed to take your time, freedom, space, it’s not your fault

Chistian Jung, Digital Product Designer


Embodied Design

Chaehan, Design Thinker, Psychology Fan and Wine Lover – and I really mean it 

The design method of Dreamworks and Pixar.

The Sound of Blindness

Johannes Nanninga, @nusability


UX. Die Auflösung

Rainer Sax, User Experience Designer, Service Design, Creative Director, Stratege

„Ich möchte fragen, wo es hingeht mit unserer geliebten Disziplin und mit euch darüber sprechen, was wir dafür/dagegen tun können.“

Getting Real – impact of User experience in large organizations.

diana frank, beratung für nutzerzentrierte prozesse & strategie, CX, UX, IX, UI, PM, PO

We all do our very best. And often we fail to have real impact due to organizational structures – and sometimes because we limit ourself to small aspects of the big picture.

Start-up projects in established organisations.

Christian Graf, UXessible

FinTechs vs. Banks.

Connecting with Curiosity: Building Openness and Trust

Ming Lee, Lead Customer Experience Researcher and Designer, Australia & Europe, Freelance

What is it like to be listened to with openness and curiosity? Experience a unique way of communicating and your innate ability to deeply relate to yourself and to other people. Experience qualities for building openness, understanding and trust — essential qualities for anyone connecting with their customers, their team, their friends and their life.

Pimp my UX Workshop

Britta Ullrich, Team Lead User Insights, XING

Viele von uns gestalten nicht nur Produkte oder Services sondern auch Workshops, um im Vorfeld Anforderungen, Rahmenbedingungen, Bedürfnisse sowie Ideen zu sammeln. Je nach Ziel sind die Teilnehmer Teamkollegen, Fachkollegen, Stakeholder oder Nutzer. Aber welche Methoden gibt es, damit du mit dem Workshop dein Ziel erreichst, alle angemessen „abholst“ und dazu animierst ihr Bestes zu geben? Ich teile meine Erfahrungen und lade alle Teilnehmer ein mitzumachen!

„Groove Based Design“

Gerhard Kühne und ich bin Senior UX-Designer bei

How to create Design-Templates for Apps and responsive Websites out of Drum-Beats.

How to challenge your team to build better products?

Anil Kumar

How to challenge your Business Stakeholders and developers to design a great product.


Meta UX: Optimale Prototyping Toolchain

Christian Graf, UXessible

The UX of team work for good UX“: Darunter verstehe ich die
Frage mit welcher Art der Zusammenarbeit und mit welchen Hilfsmitteln
man als Team eigentlich erfolgreiche UX (von Produkten oder Services)
schafft. Kristallisationspunkt dieser Frage sind vorerst Prototypen,
also wie die an und mit einem Prototypen arbeitenden Gewerke erfolgreich
zusammenarbeiten können.

Designing with Meaningful Color

Jan Krutisch, @halfbyte

My Talk at UXCampHH 2016 about how we need more sophisticated color workflows in our design processes and how Open Color Tools solves that.



Rolf Hemmerling

The User Experience at Toilets – An Example for „Design by Users“ & „Bring-your-own-Device“, not for „User-centric Design.


Chat roulette for User Research

Reto Laemmler, Co-Founder and CEO of, Switzerland

The future of user research is realtime. This presentation show cases a user research tool based.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About UX – But Were Afraid to Ask

Matthias Müller-Prove, Experience & Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interactivist

An interactive session on philosophical and practical questions of user experience.

Creativity in Everyday Work

Liza Grossmann


Dark Pattern: Effects on the Relation of a company and their customers



PUA – New technology toys that will have an impact on UX

Matthias Vogt, Frontend engineer, Freelance

From Usability to 
User Experience to…

Hartmut Obendorf, Director UX, XING AG 

Where we are going.


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