Coming up: 6th Iteration
User Experience Barcamp


The sixth iteration of the Hamburg barcamp for user experience will be back on 29th of July 2017. It is a yearly event, where people interested in the broad topic User Experience are gathering – designers, strategists, product people, project managers, developers, tinkerers and everyone else. 

So what is a Barcamp, I hear you ask. Well: „Barcamp is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.“ – Wikipedia 

And the best about it: It’s a free event thanks to our fabulous sponsors.

2016 was a blast – check out coverage on Twitter 

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Proposed Talks

At the core it’s all about needs

Sebastian Bossung, Product Director, and Britta Ullrich, Team Lead User Insights, XING

Do you want to understand the needs of your users? Personas won’t cut it when it comes to products with more than a few facets, meaning that another, less one-dimensional approach is needed. We present Core Needs as a flexible framework to describe what users want, even if their needs change over time. We share our experience of implementing Core Needs throughout the company for product development and as a joint language for UX, marketing and product. We show how you can identify your users’ Core Needs, analyze them qualitatively, quantify their frequency and find approaches to implement them in your product.

Quality time with the user – how to make interviews count

Hans-Joachim Belz, UX Consultant and Coach, Anstrengungslos

Interviewing the user one on one never grows old. But it is an art difficult to truly master and fully capitalise on. In this talk, I would like to share and discuss experiences and best practices. Starting out with some introduction and personal insights from my side, I will then invite the participants to engage in a small groups exercise to collect and discuss good and bad practices of conducting user interviews. After the event, I will analyse and share the outcome.

Produktentwicklung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Nutzerfeedback, Traffic und Stakeholdern

Dr. Barbara Link, Leiterin Produktentwicklung,

testberichte, seit 17 Jahren erfolgreich und profitabel im Online-Markt vertreten, rief 2014 einen Strategiewechsel aus. Das Ziel „Verbrauchern gute und individuell passende Produktwahl online möglich zu machen“ änderte im Unternehmen alles – besonders die Art und Weise wie Produktentwicklung gedacht und gelebt wird. Wie gelingt es nutzerzentrierte Produktentwicklung im Unternehmen zu verankern? Welche Schwierigkeiten aber auch Erfolge haben den Prozess mitbestimmt? Über Insights, fortführende Maßnahmen und Weiterentwicklungsmöglichkeiten möchte ich sprechen und diskutieren.

Design Studio – generating validated UX Concepts in no-time, collaboratively and interdisciplinary

Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff, Lead of Product Development, Interone GmbH

UX concepting phases are often based on the same approach: At first all of the customer requirements are gathered, afterwards subject matter expert are involved, drafts are sent to the client, the client gives feedback and new iterations are made. The design studio is a workshop methodology based on the idea that you could shrink these phases together by having everything in one place. Directly, Collaboratively, interdisciplinary and personal, while creating a shared ownership with the client on the designs.



Interdisciplinary workflow to develop digital products using Sketch, InVision and Zeplin

Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff, Lead of Product Development, Interone GmbH

For a lot of our projects regarding digital product development, we set up a workflow, which enables us to test every design state in “no-time” on real devices (with minimum setup effort), develop these designs in short cycles and hand them over efficiently to the technical department. While doing that, every kind of feedback and solution is gathered via the toolchain, misunderstandings between client and the design department as well as the design and the technical department and also the alignment effort between all of these are reduced to a mimimum.

Agile UX oder Agile gegen UX?

Evelyn Kühn, Lead User Experience, Proximity Technology GmbH

User-centered design as a user-centered creative process for digital products has often not yet been united with the agile development process. Should these processes be linked? And if so, how can we bring UCD and SCRUM together and interlock them in an ideal way? I would like to report my experiences and share what has proven successful here at Proximity Technology.

A performance review for UX designers?

Soyeon Hwang

The session focuses on factors that should be considered when designing a performance review/ feedback system for UX designers. It is based on the continuing experiments in my current team — but at the same time session aims at promoting discussions on various feedback / review experiences from the participants. 

On Writing about Product (and UX)

Sebastian Lindemann, Product Manager, XING

I have been writing about product management and UX for a year now. In this talk, I want to share what I wish I had known before and why I believe writing makes you better at whatever it is you do.  I will also talk about my experience with publishing on


IA Summit 2017 in Vancouver – A field report or What makes it so special.

Clemens Sietas

To pimp his one day UXD Seminar with Information Architecture and Poster Design, Clemens went to the IA Summit. Learn what makes the summit so special. 


Correlation of agile management within the enterprise environment: Experiences, anecdotes and learnings, between utopia and energy companies

Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff, Lead of Product Development, Interone GmbH

Companies that start to apply agile concepts often face the issue that they are only slowly approaching an agile mindset, which is the bare essence for the agile seed to grow in a healthy environment, where “in the perfect world” the agile mindset is the key of the company culture all around. 

But what would it mean for a company to approach this? What does the “agile mindset” mean to the management level of an enterprise and how can investment plans keep up to that?

How to organize UXcamp Europe Session

Henning Grote, Blaue Botschaft – User Experience Konzeption & Beratung

Die Session ist gedacht für Interessenten, die wissen wollen, wie man ein Barcamp organisiert.

We’re well trained monkeys

Andreas Dantz

Why and how some interfaces effect our brain more than others.

kiekmo –  Building a transformational product

Rahel Friedmann, Senior Konzept/ User Experience, and Jochen Friedrich, Director Digital Communication, SinnerSchrader

How a bank is setting up smart services for the future.

Bank branches are less and less visited and consequently disappear completely from our cityscape. Or not? We are showing how Haspa is reviving its branches through digital services by creating new added value for customers and non-customers.

Prototyping Meaningful Conversations

Johannes Baeck, Senior User Experience Designer,

How can a smart digital assistant support doctors in their daily practice? I will talk about how user-centered design methods can help answer this question, presenting insights from a current project. How do UX methods and tools need to adapt when dealing with aspects like voice interaction and artificial intelligence in a context like medical software?

How deep learning changes the design process

Alexander Meinhardt, Creative Director, Swipe

Deep learning is a new and exciting subfield of machine learning which attempts to sidestep the whole feature design process. In this session, I’ll explain how it derives from AI, why it quietly became a part of user experience and how it will change the actual design workflow. The talk highlights a few examples and doesn’t forget to illustrate why user experience design for artificial intelligence matters the other way around. 

Entwickeln von und arbeiten mit Designsystemen

Max Ritter, Mario Nebl and Philip Behr, SinnerSchrader

Modular Agile 101 for every occasion

Marit Brademann

Rough time table

Day 1
29 Jul 2017

Opening of the camp

... with Franzbrötchen and a cup of coffee

Welcome everybody!!

Introduction to the camp-rules, presentation of our sponsors, 2 awesome keynotes & session planning

Session time

Sessions of 30 minutes + 15 minutes time for questions + 15 minutes time for a break and room change

*yummy* Lunch

Session time

Sessions of 30 minutes + 15 minutes time for questions + 15-30 minutes time for a break and room change

Farewell :'(

... with a lottery and a big thanks to our Sessionados

Drinks and chats

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