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Hamburg, Sat. 13 August 2016
User Experience Barcamp
For Those Who Want to Build Better
Experiences and Products in 2016

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The fifth iteration of the Hamburg barcamp for user experience will be back August 13 this year. It is a yearly event where people interested in this broad topic are gathering – designers, strategists, product people, project managers, developers, tinkerers and everyone else. 

So what is a Barcamp I hear you ask. Well: „Barcamp is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.“ – Wikipedia 

And the best about it: It’s a free event thanks to our fabulous sponsors.

Tickets will be available free of charge 27th July at 9am online by clicking this beautiful black button: 



We are very lucky to be supported by these fine sponsors that make it possible for you to come together and share knowledge and network. Be certain to check out the sponsors and spread the word:

Proposed Sessions

Close your gap to “that thing with the UX”

Fabian is a Product Designer at Jimdo

We’ll take a bird’s eye view on what UX is all about and then nosedive deep into some methods and tools. We will see how you can enhance the UX of your product the next time you work on it, with an time investment of just several minutes.

Pimp my UX Workshop

Britta Ullrich, Team Lead User Insights, XING

Viele von uns gestalten nicht nur Produkte oder Services sondern auch Workshops, um im Vorfeld Anforderungen, Rahmenbedingungen, Bedürfnisse sowie Ideen zu sammeln. Je nach Ziel sind die Teilnehmer Teamkollegen, Fachkollegen, Stakeholder oder Nutzer. Aber welche Methoden gibt es, damit du mit dem Workshop dein Ziel erreichst, alle angemessen „abholst“ und dazu animierst ihr Bestes zu geben? Ich teile meine Erfahrungen und lade alle Teilnehmer ein mitzumachen!

Challenging Developers & Business stockholders using Empathy

Anil Kumar, Senior Javascript Developer @canto in Berlin, UX, prototyping


Game-based session about  future of the automotive HMI

Katherine Fischer, Automotive UI/UX Designer, Projektmanager at icon incar GmbH

…directions and tendencies of the car interfaces development in terms of fast and furious growth of the autonomous trend and autopilot features and on the top – shift of the focus to the interaction of driver with services while commuting

„Groove Based Design“

Gerhard Kühne und ich bin Senior UX-Designer bei Otto.de

How to create Design-Templates for Apps and responsive Websites out of Drum-Beats.

Getting Real – impact of User experience in large organizations.

diana frank, beratung für nutzerzentrierte prozesse & strategie, CX, UX, IX, UI, PM, PO

We all do our very best. And often we fail to have real impact due to organizational structures – and sometimes because we limit ourself to small aspects of the big picture.

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